NSCA - Entering results into MyCricket
Date of Event Northern Suburbs Cricket Association: Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:11PM


  • All clubs are asked to submit results in full by 10 am each Monday.
  • The first team to log on should input the result and total score, wickets lost, overs & sundries for both teams.
  • When you input the scores, you have the choice of saying the team was "all out", "declared", "end of match" or "cc - compulsory close"
    • All out is if you lose all your wickets.  If you have only 10 men, and you lose 9 wickets then you are also "all out" - this should be entered as 10 wickets lost as well.
    • Declared - we all know what that means.
    • End of match means you havent lost all your wickets, but the match is over.  This occurs when the team batting second gets the runs in a one dayer and the match is over.  This could also occur in a two-day game and you are in the second innings (going for an outright) and the match ends before you are all out; or the team batting second gets runs and wins.
    • Compulsory Close occurs in a one day game or the first innings of a two dayer, if you reach your alloted 40 (or 72 overs) and you have to finish batting, even though you havent lost all your wickets.
  • The second team should confirm or dispute the result/score submitted by team 1.
    There are several matches where a result has been entered, but no team scores (this makes it impossible to allocate the bonus point for one day games)
  • Please fill in as many of the statistics of the match (player scores, bowling figures, catches, 4s, 6s etc).  All players like to be able to follow their averages, stats etc throughout the season, and we will use the resultsvault system to work out the batting and bowling awards for the season - so if you dont put the stats in, your players wont be able to be considered for those awards. 

Last updated: Tuesday October 28, 2008 12:13PM
Author: Tim Wilkinson